Startup Grind Global Conference 2024

April 22-24 | Redwood City, CA

Calling all innovators! Startup Grind is just around the corner, and we're gearing up to connect with the brightest minds in the room.

Schedule time with us and learn how our AI Bookkeeping is changing the way founders manage their startups finances. Looking forward to connecting!

Connect with the Zeni crew attending!

Jeffrey Wilson
Mal Pennie
Michael Wadsworth
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development

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About The Event

The Startup Grind 2024 Global Conference is a premier gathering for the startup community, bringing together more than 5,000 attendees including entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders for a series of talks, workshops, and networking events.

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Close your books daily, access real-time insights, and get personalized support from experts — all on a single platform.

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