Finance KPI Dashboard

Automated daily accounting & bookkeeping
See your finances in real-time action from a single dashboard.

Get clarity on where you're spending money

Scattered financial data

Logging into 10 different finance platforms — from bank accounts, payroll providers, credit cards, and accounting software – slows you down and adds confusion.

Manual processes

To see any clarity around your finances, you have to crunch the numbers manually, taking time away from your core responsibility of running a business.

Limited visibility

Without a clear overview of KPIs, you’re struggling to understand your cash flow and plan for growth.

Inaccurate insights

Startups are dynamic by nature with rapidly changing financials. Inability to accurately forecast leads to delayed decision-making and cash flow problems.

A finance operations hub

A single workspace for every financial task

Access all financial operations from the dashboard. It’s your gateway to daily bookkeeping, accounting, accounts payable, employee reimbursements, and more.

Critical business metrics

See finance KPIs in a single view

Open your personal dashboard to instantly see everything you need to make quick, real-time decisions. Click further into any card for detailed reports backing your upfront insights.

operating expenses insights

Stop wondering how you’re spending money

Daily, crystal-clear insights into your OpEx give you an instant view into your cash burn and expenses, including Gross Burn and Net Burn trends.

burn rate calculation tool

Never second guess your runway again

The dashboard automatically calculates the rate at which your startup burns cash. It’s updated daily so you’re never in the dark.

Investor-ready reports

“No sweat” board decks

Generate beautiful PDF reports to forward to investors, bankers, or to build into your board deck. Old school download or share view-only access directly into your dashboard.

One-stop forecasting & budgeting

Budgeting and planning in minutes, not days

Don't settle for Excel. Accurately forecast your bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows by comparing Actuals vs Budgets from a central dashboard.

Zeni has been a game-changer for my financial management. Prior to using Zeni, it would take me 2-3 days every month to consolidate and analyze my financials in a spreadsheet. Now I can access my up-to-date financials with just one click on any given day.

Anton Seidler

Key product benefits

Intuitive visualization

View complex financial data through easy-to-understand graphs and visual elements. Quickly grasp the state of your finances without struggling to wrap your head around the numbers.


Anticipate potential challenges and proactively manage your financial resources rather than making last minute (or too-late) decisions.

Time Back

Your dedicated finance team takes care of the daily bookkeeping and maintenance, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on growing your business.

Let’s Break It Down

Deeper dive resources

Your AI powered bookkeeping and accounting platform

Close your books daily, access real-time insights, and get personalized support from experts — all on a single platform.