Employee reimbursements

Simplify &
streamline expenses
Embrace the efficiency of AI-driven expense management while boosting employee satisfaction – all run directly from your finance dashboard at no additional cost.
Percentage of small companies that still rely on manual reimbursement processes.
Minutes it takes to submit a receipt with Zeni Reimbursements.
Percentage of our clients’ taxes filed on time.

Cut down on the steps. Improve relationships

Employee payouts take weeks

Traditional reimbursement processes require manual data entry and review. This decreases productivity for your finance team and puts strain on employee relations.

You’re seeing too many errors

There are discrepancies between your expense reports and reimbursement actuals, creating undo stress and additional workload.

Software subscription costs add up

When every solution in your stack has a monthly subscription fee or per-user pricing, software becomes a financial burden for a startup trying to grow.

You lack control and transparency

You desperately need to customize approval workflows. But your options limit your ability to maintain control and a clear view into your finances.

ai-driven automation

Minimize input and reduce errors

Let AI do the work by accurately auto-populating expense information from your receipts — even multiple receipts at once! You and your employees can move faster with more confidence.

multi-level approval flows

Bring back a sense of control

Say goodbye to limits and roadblocks. Customize and streamline your approval processes to how it best suits your business.

fast and completely free

Save time and resources

Build trust with your employees by reimbursing them in a flash. Everyone is more efficient and it won’t cost you a dime extra.

All I have to do is send my receipts and reimbursements, and everything is taken care of. I’m not worried about accounting after Zeni.

Karthik Naralasetty
CEO & Co-Founder
Employee reimbursements

Key product benefits

More accuracy

AI reduces the risk of errors when uploading a receipt and automatically shares expense data back to a single dashboard for total accuracy.

Cost efficiency

Paying to build more efficiency into your reimbursement process does exactly the opposite for you budget. Reimbursements is a completely free-to-use product.


You won’t find a faster reimbursement experience in the market. Employees receive their reimbursements promptly and morale skyrockets.

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