BILL PAY vendor payment automation

The fastest way to pay vendors
Pay domestic and international vendors quickly and automate your accounts payable process end-to-end directly from the dashboard – at no additional cost. 
The amount of money it costs to use Zeni Bill Pay, including same-day ACH fees.
How much AP errors increase due to manual data entry and approval processes as your startup grows.

The average monthly platform fee for industry bill pay platforms.

Moving past manual, tedious, or time-consuming

You’re paying to spend money

It shouldn’t cost extra to pay vendors when you’re already monitoring every precious dollar. But existing bill payment platforms are expensive and charge high transaction fees.

Your AP process is a time suck

The traditional way of paying vendors is slow. You’re wasting resources hunting down vendor information, entering data, and hounding department heads for approvals.

You lack a big picture view of cash flow

Using multiple finance platforms to look at different sets of disjointed data prevents you from understanding where your money is going, stalling important decision making

ai-powered invoice processing

AI saves time and reduces errors

Simply upload an invoice. Zeni’s AI auto-fills all the information in seconds and stores vendor information so you don’t have to re-enter payment details or accounting classifications every time.

real-time updates

Faster, smarter accounting

Bill Pay syncs in real time with the dashboard. Real-time reporting and analytics instantly shows you the status of your bills, payment history, and trends, so you can better understand where your money is going.

Multi-Level Approval Flow

Pay your vendors with no hassles

Set up your approval process from day one, sit back and relax. Your bill goes through an efficient approval process based on your specific parameters and invoice due dates, helping you control cash flow in your sleep.

one powerful dashboard

More financial clarity

Track payments and statuses, plus all your other financials, in one place. Bookkeeping and Bill Pay together on a single dashboard eliminates bouncing between multiple platforms. Hello financial visibility.

dedicated ap management services

Get back to running your business

The most successful leaders have great teams behind them. Bill Pay is self-service, but add on AP management and our experts handle the admin tasks like vendor management, emails, and bill management.

The Bill Pay is working and makes things very straightforward now. I’m a big fan of Zeni Bill Pay — exclamation mark!

Julian Corbett
President & Board Member
Bill Pay

Key product benefits

Save money

Pay bills at no extra cost to your existing subscription. Plus $0 ACH fees. Cut costs tied to manual labor and error correction.

Increase efficiency

Automated information fill and streamlined approval processes reduce the time and effort you typically spend paying bills.

See everything in one place

Access and manage your billing information from anywhere, at any time. No more platform hopping.

Let’s Break It Down

Explore vendor payment tips

Your AI powered bookkeeping and accounting platform

Close your books daily, access real-time insights, and get personalized support from experts — all on a single platform.