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What Zeni's customers say.

"We love Zeni's ability to manage our books in real-time with exceptional accuracy. I have so much more peace of mind than I did before."

Trey Davis Co-Founder & COO artifact

Trey Davis

Founder & COO of artifact

"All I have to do is send my receipts and reimbursements, and everything is taken care of. I'm not worried about accounting after Zeni."

Karthik Naralasetty Co-Founder & CEO

Karthik Naralasetty

Co-founder & CEO Pawsh

What should we talk about?

We won't dive right into a sales pitch. There's no boring slide deck. We'll discuss your finance platform needs and answer all your questions.

net cash burn tile from dashboard

Net Burn

Understand how much money your business is burning every month, what your runway looks like, and when you’ll hit cash zero.

cash balance tile from the zeni dashboard

Cash Balance

How much cash do you have after all the checks clear? We give you an itemized breakdown of all your accounts.

operating expenses tile from the zeni dashboard


Need an easy way to get a bird’s eye view of all OpEx the business incurs? Zeni helps you spot trends and identify anything odd.

cash in, cash out tile from the zeni dashboard

Cash in, Cash Out

Understand revenue vs. spend for every department. Visualize where money is coming from and going.

zeni's dedicated finance team cpas and bookkeepers

Dedicated Team

We'll discuss your dedicated finance concierge, CPAs, controllers, tax experts, and bookkeepers dedicated to your startup's financial strategy.

ai insights in the zeni dashboard

AI Insights

Get critical AI insights to your revenue, COGs, OpEx, or any metric that is important to your business or investors.