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With a dedicated team of experts

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Update your books daily, access real-time insights, and receive personalized support from experts — all on a single platform

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One platform. One team. All your bookkeeping.

Managing your books has never been easier

Zeni’s AI Powered Financial Operations Platform
AI Bookkeeping
Real-time financial insights, 

all on one dashboard.
Bill Payments
The fastest way to pay your vendors, 100% free.
Pay employees at lightning 

speed, 100% free.
Checking Accounts
Reimagined with AI - Fast,
risk-free, and built for scale.
Credit Cards
Save smart, spend wisely,
simplify expenses with ease.
Coming Soon
With A Dedicated Finance Team
Zeni experts leverage the power of AI, allowing them to dedicate more time to strategic planning, analysis, and delivering financial advice tailored to your needs.
Financial Controller
Temp CFO
Financial Concierge
$1.3B in Transactions Managed Monthly by Zeni
The Game Company
The Game Company

Grow your business smarter with Zeni

Tailored bookkeeping for every business at any stage

Pre-Seed & Bootstrapped

Let Zeni help you lay the right financial foundation.

Count on us for the financial visibility and planning you need, careful expense management, and personalized guidance to make sure you secure valuable tax benefits.

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Charlotte Tanner


Let Zeni help you establish the right unit economics for your business from the get-go.

Benefit from comprehensive management of your accounts and credit cards, and access the expertise of top-tier tax and payroll advisors.

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Erick Levy

Series A

Let Zeni help you make smart decisions, as you grow quickly.

Trust us to assist your business in making sound financial decisions and receive personalized budgeting recommendations, all thanks to our dedicated team of financial advisors and AI Bookkeeping.

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Tracie Stark

Series B

Let Zeni take care of your bookkeeping, so you can focus on growth.

Rely on Zeni for essential financial support, backed by a complete finance team. Recognizing that time is of the essence, we prioritize automation to streamline your financial processes.

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Vicky Mead and Joshua Stokes

Series C+

Let Zeni streamline your scaling journey by automating bookkeeping, giving your team more power.

Count on us to take care of all aspects of your financial management. We're here to automate your bookkeeping, share professional insights, and streamline your systems and processes tailored just for your business.

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Jessica Cary, Brian Greenwood, Jeremy Garza

AI Bookkeeping is just the beginning

Discover Zeni’s product suite

Zeni Professionals

Expert financial support

Get personalized support that manages all areas of your business finances, helping you reduce costs, and lighten your workload.

  • Ongoing financial consultation
  • GAAP compliance guaranteed
  • Internal monitoring and advisement on market trends
Zeni AI Bookkeeping

Simplify your bookkeeping

Give your business all the financial insights it needs to succeed on a single dashboard.

  • Connect your accounts
  • Let Zeni’s AI do the work with auto-categorization
  • Receive financial experts’ input to ensure accuracy
  • Get real-time access to your dashboards, reports, and key metrics
Zeni Bill Payments

Pay your bills in seconds

Speed up domestic and international vendor payments with AI-powered invoice processing at no additional cost.

  • Upload your bills
  • Let Zeni’s AI auto-capture bill details
  • Set up multi-level approvals
  • Get your bills paid on time with same-day ACH
Zeni Reimbursements

Pay your employees
back faster

Reimburse your employees at lightning speed with AI-powered expense processing at no additional cost.

  • Upload your receipt
  • Let Zeni’s AI auto-capture receipt details
  • Set up multi-level approvals
  • Reimburse with same-day ACH

Bank on your future

Seamlessly combine saving, spending, and growing your cash securely all within a single platform, free from any hidden fees.

  • Open your account with $3M FDIC Insurance1
  • Enjoy high yield interest — Up to 4.05% APY2
  • Let Zeni’s AI auto categorize transactions
  • Enjoy no monthly fees

We’re here for all your needs

Additional services tailored to your business

Fractional CFO
Get the bigger picture support you need.
With our Fractional CFOs, you can expect guidance on financial modeling and budgeting, fundraising, board meeting prep, and day-to-day operations.
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Navigate taxes with confidence.
Our dedicated team of tax advisors handle everything from regular filings to avoiding penalties and snagging your business maximum credits.
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Maintain a compliant and up-to-date payroll system for your business.
Our payroll specialists cover everything from employee onboarding, termination, and payroll system management.
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Your business deserves to save both time and money

Let us handle your bookkeeping, so you can focus on growing your business.
saved on average per year
of all incoming transactions categorized by AI daily
0 hours
saved on average per month

Don’t just take our word for it.

Zeni has served hundreds of businesses like yours.
Author Headshot

Simple software - powerful people behind 
the scenes

The people who I work with on a day to day basis to build financial reports, prepare accounting statements, close monthly financials, and make strategic decisions are the best part of Zeni. My relationship with my accounting team and CFO are an indispensable part of the platform.

Steve Arntz

Co-Founder & CEO, Campfire

Author Headshot

More than accounting software.

Zeni keeps my books up to date and completes my monthly financial reports promptly. This has saved me time and frustration so that I can focus on other areas of running a start-up.

Kim Havens

Co-Founder, Kahilla

Author Headshot

Excellent Partner To Grow With

The Zeni team is amazing about giving me exactly the info I need to quickly make decisions. They keep my books super organized and they go above and beyond to keep me aware of what I need to know. I've saved so much money being able to easily see which softwares and recurring expenses I want to cancel too.

Partha Unnava

Managing Partner, Winning Creative

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Discover how AI Bookkeeping saves you time and money, so you can concentrate on growing your business.
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