Case Study

How An All-In-One Financial Platform Saved TeamBridge 53 Hours Per Month


TeamBridge developed a platform to help businesses manage their hourly teams. With the help of Zeni’s all-in-one financial platform, TeamBridge reclaimed 53 hours each month to dedicate to supporting the forgotten workforce.

Key Results

53 Hours
saved per month since partnering with Zeni
invoices paid including employee reimbursements and vendor payments
unified platform for accounting & bookkeeping, reporting, and payment services


Unlocking true potential for the forgotten demographic

Arjun Vora and Tito Goldstein created TeamBridge with a specific goal in mind: Empower upward mobility for the forgotten demographic. 

Their startup came to life after working at Uber on both the Driver and Business team. While creating and enhancing the driver application, it was clear there was very little software available to the hourly deskless workforce. 

Most software offered today is curated for the white collar workforce, leaving the rest in the dust when it comes to tapping into technology.

That’s why Arjun and Tito joined forces to start TeamBridge; a solution that supports the hourly workforce. Their intuitive and powerful management solution automates and manages onboarding, scheduling, communication, time & attendance, reporting, pay, and integrations. 

The team at TeamBridge is represented by some of the most innovative people who used to work for companies like Uber, Facebook, Slack, and Samsara. Their experience building world renown products inspired them to build the highest quality solution to industries that need it most.

"In the end, how does technology help you? It helps you do better, become a better version of yourself. It helps you put more food on the table. And then when technology doesn't touch a majority of the demographic, those people don't have the opportunities that the other 30% has. That’s why our goal at TeamBridge is to empower upward mobility for that forgotten demographic." –  Arjun Vora, CEO & Co-Founder 

The challenge

When TeamBridge came to Zeni, they were utilizing Pilot, a bookkeeping, tax, and Fractional CFO service for startups. 

TeamBridge’s investors were looking for metrics like burn multiple, growth, revenue growth, and expenses. It required Arjun and Tito to run through Excel sheets, transform the data, and convert it into informative graphs, requiring a lot of time and effort on TeamBridge’s end. 

TeamBridge needed a financial operations solution that could:

  • Provide automated day-to-day bookkeeping activities
  • Turn fragmented financial data into 
  • Curate investor-ready reports 
  • Offer financial predictions to be proactive vs reactive 
“When we first started out, our focus was primarily on finding a bookkeeping solution. We soon learned that what we truly needed was a service that not only excelled at bookkeeping but also simplified and automated our financial operations. Zeni provided us with precisely that: a comprehensive bookkeeping solution with technology at its core." Arjun Vora, CEO & Co-Founder 

The solution

Zeni provided TeamBridge with the product they were looking for: a bookkeeping solution supported by technology. They were also able to extend beyond bookkeeping and utilize other products like Zeni Bill Pay and Zeni Reimbursements. 

Zeni’s all-in-one financial operations platform helped TeamBridge:

  • Centralize Financial Management – Efficiently handle all financial tasks, such as employee reimbursements and vendor payments, from a single platform.
  • Tap Into Real-Time Bookkeeping and Accounting – Gain instant access to their day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting records.
  • Access User-Friendly Financial Dashboard – Immediately receive financial data with a user-friendly interface.
  • Involve Their Investors – Grant investors access to their dashboard for transparent financial insights.
“We were drawn to Zeni for their AI bookkeeping, but now it’s more than bookkeeping. It’s our financial source of truth. It’s the dashboards, it’s the way we share material with investors, how we reimburse our employees, and pay our vendors. It's that all in one solution aspect of it that has been beneficial to smaller startups like us, where we don't have to purchase four different tools” Arjun Vora, CEO & Co-Founder 

The impact

  1. 100% company adoption – Every employee at TeamBridge utilizes Zeni, whether for the dashboard, reimbursements, bill pay, etc. 
  2. Laser-focused on metrics – Zeni’s real-time dashboard allows both founders to track their burn multiple and operating expenses anytime, anywhere. Before using Zeni, they didn't track as diligently because getting the data wasn't straightforward. Now, it's a vital tool they use daily, conveniently saved in their bookmarks.
  3. Peace of mind –  The goal for TeamBridge wasn’t to become finance experts, but rather invest in a company that could take the mental load off of their plate. Today TeamBridge doesn’t think so hard about their finances as they have in the past. 
  4. Saving time and money – With a unified financial platform, TeamBridge streamlined their operations and improved their financial efficiency, allowing them to focus on core business activities and enhance their overall financial health.
“Because of Zeni I don’t have to think about the financial space much. That’s the whole reason why we invested in the platform, giving us more time to focus on growing our business.” –Arjun Vora, CEO & Co-Founder 

You too can tap into an all-in-one platform to effectively manage your finances. Talk with a financial advisor here.

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