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Karthik Naralasetty

Co-Founder & CEO

Stress-free accounting
Zeni is stress-free accounting. Unlike accountants I've worked with in the past, Zeni is proactive; I get my Zeni report every month, the team has access to all my accounts, and they can keep track of what's happening for me. All I have to do is send my receipts and reimbursements, and everything is taken care of. I'm not worried about accounting after Zeni.

Jenova Chen

Co-Founder & CEO

Clarity on business finances
With Zeni's virtual CFO service, you're able to tell the difference of where your company is spending money and how it compares to the previous month, and having an outlook to how it will do in the coming year. These are things I never expected to get. Before using Zeni I wondered how we were spending most of our money, or whether or not we had enough income to sustain the company. Now I no longer have these questions. I would recommend Zeni for business finance management.

Hampton Catlin

Co-Founder & CEO

Seamless finance management
When starting Veue Live, I knew that I wanted to start off on a good foot with our bookkeeping and financial management. After looking at several companies, Zeni was a clear winner. And I couldn't be happier with the service! I can prepare reports for my board in just a few clicks and keep an eye on our runway and other important metrics- and it takes so little of my time, it's amazing! I highly recommend Zeni to anyone and would happily serve as a reference customer anytime.

Hemant Sikaria

Co-Founder & CEO

10/10 NPS
Zeni gives me peace of mind that our accounts, books, finances are managed well. The team's responsiveness feels as if they were working just for us. Questions are addressed via emails and the finance team have good context of our account, so we are not reexplaining ourselves every time we have a question or request. I'd give Zeni a NPS of 10.

Emre Sonmez

Co-Founder & CEO

Perfect for founders
Zeni is perfect for founders with no finance team in place. I don't have to think about accounting anymore.

Wisam Dakka


Saves me 20% time
Using Zeni has saved 20% of our time. It's amazing how Zeni removes the burden from my head. Zeni brings peace of mind, convenience, and speed [to our accounting]. It feels much safer, is more responsive, and provides greater depth than our previous accounting solution.

Yijen Liu

Co-Founder & CEO

Amazing employee
Zeni is easy, fast and minimal, great for startups without a dedicated finance person or team. Zeni feels like an amazing employee that works for me, is always on-call and proactive. I like the idea of Zeni's technology helping finance experts be super fast and do more, and it makes me feel better that there is something smarter than just software working on my books.

Erica Plybeah

Founder & CEO

Financial support with a startup lens
We needed an accounting solution that could provide accounting and financial support with a startup lens, which is what we found in Zeni. The team has deep experience with venture-backed companies, and provides us with the 1:1 support we need. Founders of high-growth companies and small, innovative businesses would benefit from using Zeni.

Mehul Nariyawala

Co-Founder & CEO

Zeni is lifesaving
The service is absolutely amazing. For us, its lifesaving. Zeni does a phenomenal job of looking through transactions and taking care of your accounting. The most important part of their approach is that they take ownership of it, so you really don't have to worry and unlike many accountants, their team is quite competent.

Courtney Root

Chief Of Staff

Seamless experience
Working with Zeni feels like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Everything they offer has saved me so much time! We were skeptical about how simple the onboarding process appeared, but it was seamless. The team even provided us feedback on better ways to approach our accounting moving forward, and went back in time to make sure everything from day one of the business was in order. They even found and processed some outstanding employee reimbursements.

Himanshu Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Real-time visibility
The Zeni Dashboard interface is great and gives us real-time visibility into our cash flow — something we've never had access to before. Knowing the real-time state of our company's balance sheet is a big advantage for us, and all startups.

Shara Ticku

Co-Founder & CEO

Consistent, reliable and secure
Working with Zeni saves me time and prevents bottlenecks for my team; they make quick payments on A/P, automatically share visual insights via the Dashboard, and are consistent, reliable, and secure. Zeni is an ideal solution for early stage founders without a need for a full-time finance or accounting team.

Trey Davis

Co-Founder & COO

Incredible work and exceptional accuracy
I am so happy we've moved to Zeni from our previous finance firm. The Zeni team has done incredible work for us, and caught so many issues in our finances that have since been corrected. We love their ability to manage our books in real-time with exceptional accuracy. I have so much more peace of mind than I did before.

Alessandro DiSanto

Co-Founder, Head of Growth & Finance

Powerful tool for finance teams
Our internal finance team greatly benefits from using Zeni. With our previous finance firm, we lacked perspective on accounting treatment for various business activities, the ability to manage revenue recognition, and reliable bill pay support. Zeni brings all of this and more to our team at Hallow.

Omar Skalli

Co-Founder & CEO

Peace of mind
Before Zeni, we did not have any structure in place for how we thought about our finances. Now, we have peace of mind that a knowledgeable team manages our finances and accounting and can spend our time serving customers and growing our business. I would highly recommend Zeni to all early-stage founders who rather spend time serving customers and growing their business, rather than learning how to properly do accounting/taxes/etc.

Nikhil Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Single pane of glass
Zeni is a single pane of glass and one stop shop for managing our finances. The ease of use of Zeni is perfect for startups.

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