Tax Talk & Tips: Your Guide to 2024 Success!

Get ready for the 2024 tax season without the stress!  Our tax experts go over important topics like: tax deadlines, foreign reporting, R&D tax credit, and Section 174. Watch On-Demand now!

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Meenal Garg
Terri Goddard
Minal Mittal
Director Of Tax, Zeni
Tax Manager, Zeni
Tax Manager, Zeni
Tax Manager, Zeni
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2024 Tax Deadlines

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2024 Tax Deadlines

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Foreign Reporting

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R&D Tax Credit

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About The Event

We'll Explore

  • Why startups, regardless of size, need to file tax returns.
  • Navigating the ins and outs of having a foreign subsidiary or ownership.
  • Seizing the opportunity as the R&D Tax Benefit doubles to $500,000.
  • Unpacking the recent twist in Section 174 – it was on the way out, but now it's here to stay.
  • Timely guidance on when and how to submit crucial tax documents for various small businesses.

A Little Bit About Our Tax Team

Zeni’s tax team brings more than 50 years of combined experience to the table, specializing in providing comprehensive support to venture-backed startup companies.

With an impressive track record of 200+ federal returns and 1600+ state returns, our tax team goes beyond routine filings. We assist clients with intricate issues, saving over $70,000 in penalties and calculating $3.3 million in tax credits, a significant portion benefiting businesses through the R&D payroll tax credit offset.

Overall, Zeni’s tax team's primary focus is on empowering entrepreneurs worldwide, allowing them to concentrate on their passions and business growth.

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