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Stay compliant and maximize your startup tax benefits with Zeni’s startup tax services.
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Taxes are confusing

Business taxes are complex. Regulations change constantly. One misstep can land your business in hot water with the IRS.

You’re missing opportunities

Many startups qualify for credits, refunds, and exemptions that they don't know exist. Money gets left on the table.

Taxes are time-consuming

You have to file taxes. Period. But you have better things to do than labor over them yourself.

Annual tax filings

One team for all tax needs

Our team of startup tax experts handles every aspect of business tax returns with speed and accuracy, including:

access tax experts

Decades of startup tax experience

Work with a team that specializes in taxes for venture-backed startups. Maximize your benefits while remaining compliant with all tax regulations.

r&d tax credits

Extend your runway

How would $250,000 in tax credits help your startup? We manage startups' federal R&D Tax Credit filings from start to finish:

one team

Consolidate your FinOps under one roof

Our tax specialists work closely with their finance team counterparts (who manage your day-to-day finance operations) to seamlessly prepare and file your tax returns.

Annual Startup taxes

Key product benefits

Cost savings

Our tax services are designed to offer startups a reliable, cost-effective tax solution that saves time and resources.


We cover all aspects of typical startup tax needs, so you have a full-service solution under one roof.


Trust your dedicated team of experienced tax professionals to ensure your taxes are filed accurately and with compliance.

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