Fractional cfo Services

Tackle tough financial decisions with clarity
Find confidence with custom financial strategies created by an experienced fractional CFO.
The average years of startup experience our fractional CFOs have.
The amount of funding Zeni clients have raised in venture capital with our support.

The average startup CFO's salary.

Support for bigger picture finance strategy

Limited financial expertise

Navigating accounting is not an easy task and experienced finance professionals are expensive. You need a strategic partner to help with complex financial matters.

Struggling with financial planning and analysis

You need to create comprehensive financial plans and models that align with goals, but sifting through spreadsheets and disparate data adds to the complexities.

Difficulty attracting investors

Catching investor eyes and then maintaining strong relationships with your VCs is tricky and time-consuming, especially in an unstable economic climate.

Your finance operations are scaling

Congrats! You’re growing. But as your startup grows, finances get more complicated, leaving you overwhelmed by day-to-day operations like managing cash flow and paying vendors.

financial modeling & budgeting

Plan for the future

Startups don’t have crystal balls. But a fractional CFO helps build predictive models and analyzes potential scenarios to influence growth, track milestones, and help you stay ahead of the game.

fundraising support

Stand out to investors

With expert preparation on everything from fundraising strategy, to financial reporting, to advising on a winning deck, you’re sure to catch the eye of investors in no time.

board meeting prep

Find confidence in the board room

Get the financial reports you need for your next board meeting with the click of a button. A fractional CFO further helps you understand the data and pull it all together with ease.

day-to-day operations

A strategic advisor at your fingertips

Most founders don’t have a finance background and don’t have the time to figure it out. Fractional CFOs fill the gap in both time and knowledge and keep daily financial operations running smoothly.

As we’ve continued to grow and scale exponentially, Zeni has been a fantastic financial partner throughout the entire journey. We're super excited to put our new capital to work and thank you for Zeni’s help in building the financial model that underpinned the race.

Anil Karmel
Co-Founder & CEO
Fractional cfo Services

Key product benefits

Cost savings

Enjoy expert financial leadership without the expense and commitment of hiring a full-time CFO. You pay for part-time help when you need it instead of a $300K-$500K salary.

A clear plan

When you develop and implement financial strategies, your startup’s future becomes more clear and you can make better decisions to drive long-term success. 

Impress investors

A fractional CFO knows how to prepare for meetings and can handle any questions or concerns. Thorough financial reporting attracts investors in a competitive VC environment.

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