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The future of financial operations

Finances are more fragmented than ever. Your expectations as a startup leader are even higher. But the way startups approach financial operations is changing for the first time in decades. Buckle in and get ready to finally feel good about your finances.

a better way

Accounting and bookkeeping have long been outdated. We’ve come a long way from the abacus, but we’re still managing our finances manually. After over 4,000 years, finance is still slow, and the myriad of tools on the market trying to fix it only makes it more confusing and disjointed.

Plus, the pressure is on from investors and your team to understand where your business stands down to the last penny. People look to you for the answers.

That's why we created Zeni! A place where you can see all of your critical business metrics in one place – no muss, no fuss. Spreadsheets and bookkeeping software are great places to start, but there’s a better way.

We’re building an entirely new way to approach startup finances. And it all starts with throwing out all of the complexities and removing the blindspots into your finances.

It’s what we call our all-in-one Financial Operations Platform – a platform to completely transform the way you run your business. When you have all of your financial information in one place, plus a reliable finance expert working with you to help you actually understand what your data means, you have peace of mind and can accelerate decision velocity.

Our vision is that startup founders can feel at ease and confident about their finances; to no longer have to stress over whether or not they're making smart, data-backed decisions. Because now you’re able to look at your business from a single view, in real time, with a dedicated finance team in your corner.

You might not be able to do everything, but with Zeni, we know you’ll look like you can do anything.

“It's because of Zeni’s insights that we can really understand our financial position. That financial literacy helps us operate from a place of purpose and creativity and not from a place of fear. So in partnership with Zeni, we can internally develop and support our FinOps and stretch our dollars even further.”

Steve Arntz
Co-Founder & CEO, Campfire

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