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Zeni bundles all finance functions on a single platform and processes unlimited transactions from unlimited financial accounts for a fixed monthly price. Pricing is based on your total monthly expenses

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Your Subscription Plan Pricing auto upgrades or downgrades based on your team size in the U.S. Your team size is defined as the number of people working for your company full-time, including contractors in the U.S.

Payroll Manager Service
Services included in the core Payroll Manager plan.


/ per month

Employee Onboarding, Termination & Ongoing Support

  • Coordinate full-time and contract hires on and off of your payroll system, including DnB registration
  • Respond to employee inquiries via channel

Payroll System Management

  • Submit payroll
  • Assist in workers' compensation audit

Compliance Across All States And Jurisdictions*
* Each additional state = $50/state/month

  • Register business in new states and jurisdictions**
  • Respond to state and local agency's requests for information and report contractors per state requirements
  • Handling payments outside of the payroll provider

    ** Added fee of $250 per state registration

Payroll Support

  • (1) 30-minute call per month
  • Unlimited Email Support

States Supported

  • Zeni Payroll Manager support is available for U.S.-based employees and contractors only.

Employees Supported

  • Price is based on the number of full-time U.S.-based employees and contractors of your company in the state where the business is headquartered.
  • Zeni charges an additional $50/state/month for each additional state where employees or contractors reside.
Other Payroll Add-Ons
Services available outside the core Payroll Manager plan.

State Registration

Register business in new state
$250 per state

W-2 and 1099 Services

Prepare and distribute W-2s and 1099s to employees and contractors by IRS deadlines at close of year
$100 per block of 10

Set up New Payroll Software

Set up & Integrate cloud-based (Gusto, Rippling, BambooHR) Payroll Software with QBO, Zeni Dashboard
$550 flat fee, per system, up to 5 hours

Account Closure

Close payroll account
$250 per state, up to 2 hours

International Contractor Payroll

Manage 3rd party International payroll platform, e.g. Deel (in English only). Contractors are responsible for their own tax filings.
$250 per 10 employees/ contractors, up to 2 hours

Benefits Administration Assistance

Customer setting up a benefits program for the first time OR Customer is evaluating new benefit providers. Provide cost analysis based on employee headcount, etc.
$250 per hour

Additional Calls with Payroll Manager

Additional calls outside of the (1) 30-minute call included in the payroll plan.
$150 per hour, charged in 30-minute increments

Payroll Consultation

1-hour call with Zeni Payroll Specialists (non-payroll customers)
$250 per hour


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Jenova Chen
Co-Founder & CEO

Clarity on business finances

With Zeni's virtual CFO service, you're able to tell the difference of where your company is spending money and how it compares to the previous month, and having an outlook to how it will do in the coming year. These are things I never expected to get. Before using Zeni I wondered how we were spending most of our money, or whether or not we had enough income to sustain the company. Now I no longer have these questions. I would recommend Zeni for business finance management.
Hemant Sikaria
Co-Founder & CEO

10/10 NPS

Zeni gives me peace of mind that our accounts, books, finances are managed well. The team's responsiveness feels as if they were working just for us. Questions are addressed via emails and the finance team have good context of our account, so we are not reexplaining ourselves every time we have a question or request. I'd give Zeni a NPS of 10.
Hampton Catlin
Co-Founder & CEO

Seamless finance management

When starting Veue Live, I knew that I wanted to start off on a good foot with our bookkeeping and financial management. After looking at several companies, Zeni was a clear winner. And I couldn't be happier with the service! I can prepare reports for my board in just a few clicks and keep an eye on our runway and other important metrics- and it takes so little of my time, it's amazing! I highly recommend Zeni to anyone and would happily serve as a reference customer anytime.