Investors And Portfolio Companies

Ensure your investments’ finances are in good hands
Enhance portfolio company success with comprehensive, scalable financial operations support, so your startups can focus on growth and innovation, not spreadsheets and calculations.

Guide your portfolio companies to financial success

Stop working on your business, and start working on it.

Lack of real-time data

Knowing where your portfolio companies stand at all times is top priority. You need real-time access to financial information in order to be the strategic partner they need.

Scattered information

It’s difficult to monitor and evaluate financial performance when your founders are sending you unorganized reports in multiple spreadsheets from disparate sources each month.

Worried about risk

You can’t easily calculate the risk on your investment and your concerns about financial compliance increase as your portfolio companies grow.

Inconsistent reporting

You have no standardized reporting across your investments. Every portfolio company sends you a different type of report, so you have to figure out how to read and analyze multiple formats.

financial modeling & budgeting

Investor Finance Dashboard

Monitor and analyze the financial performance of portfolio companies at all times with access to their individual dashboards. You’ll have real-time insights into financial performance, burn rate calculations, and OpEx reports without even asking.

fundraising support

Instant Reports

You or your portfolio companies can download monthly financial reports from the dashboard at the click of a button. Reports are ready at the top of the month, not 3 weeks after month-end-close

board meeting prep

Expert financial services

Give your founders access to experienced finance professionals that specialize in early-stage startups (CPA-level controllers and fractional CFOs) at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time financial team or CFO.


Feature Benefits Summary

Standardized PoCo Reporting

Standardizes financial reporting and data presentation for easy comparison and analysis across portfolio companies.

Risk management

Ensures compliance and risk management through expert-driven tax services, AI-powered transaction management, all double checked by dedicated controllers.

Enhanced collaboration

Improves communication and collaboration with portfolio companies for better financial performance.

We've heard about the great work your team is doing for our portfolio company Hallow. We've always been impressed by the finance work Alessandro has done for them, and then we realized it's because of Zeni.

Stephen Schmalhofer
Co-Founder & CEO

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