Beyond The Conference — Zeni’s Experience At SaaStr Annual 2023

Jasmine Black
5 min read
Beyond The Conference — Zeni’s Experience At SaaStr Annual 2023

SaaStr Annual is the ultimate "work hard, play hard" event, and this year's conference went to the next level. 

Gathering more than 12,500 SaaS founders, VCs, and executives, SaaStr offered Zeni a front-row seat to the market landscape and a chance to connect with brilliant minds from around the world.

Discover our most important insights from the conference and get a glimpse into our booth experience below. 

SaaStr takeaways 

#1 GenAI is here and it’s not slowing down 

GenAI is on the rise, much like how mobile devices and the cloud transformed the way we live and work.

This presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs since investors are seeking startup’s that adopt a GenAI mindset. 

But it’s important to know that this 'GenAI gold-rush' won’t last forever. The only way to come out truly successful is to ensure your product has a competitive advantage that goes beyond the status quo. 

As every company becomes a GenAI company, startups have to ask themselves: How are we different from everyone else? What's unique about what we offer? 

#2 Startups aren’t just looking for convenience. They want confidence too

Convenience and confidence are no longer mutually exclusive. They are two sides of the same coin, and to stand out in a crowded market, startups must focus on delivering both. 

This means not only harnessing the capabilities of GenAI but also ensuring human transparency, security, and reliability to instill the confidence that users expect from their software providers.

#3 A strategic sales team is the key to success

It may seem obvious that in order for your startup to succeed you need a well-structured sales team to support you. However, it often isn't done right. It's not just about hiring the right people, it’s also when you hire too. 

Our CEO, Swapnil Shinde, and VP of Sales, Megan Prince, gave an insightful session on when and how to hire your first VP of sales.

Here's the recap:

Before rushing to hire a VP of sales, startup’s should consider this winning three-step formula:

  1. Founder-led: Founders make excellent sales leaders and should be the first to kickstart the sales team. Their passion, customer knowledge, and vision is unmatched.
  2. AE Driven: Your next addition to the team is an AE. AE's create the blueprint to success. Hire a few before considering a VP of Sales.
  3. Growth Focused with VP of Sales: Once you've hit $1M in ARR, you're ready to hire a VP of Sales and tap into growth.

Want to watch the full session? Stay tuned for the LIVE recording.

LIVE from the Zeni booth 

The energy at this year’s conference was unmatched, especially at Zeni’s booth. 

We had so many insightful conversations with founders, investors, and executives about the state of financial operations today and where it’s going.

It was clear our message resonated with the people we talked to, all expressing a need for a "one-stop-shop" hub for their finances.

But it wasn't all business; we also had a blast with our giveaway prizes this year. Check out our lucky Oculus glasses winners! As we like to say, they can now "see" into their financial future.

To top it all off, we wrapped up our fantastic SaaStr week by celebrating our co-founders' birthdays in style! Cheers to Swapnil and Snehal!

Until next time, SaaStr

SaaStr Annual doesn't just ignite excitement about the future; it paves the way for innovation and growth.

When like-minded individuals come together to exchange ideas, incredible opportunities happen.

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