Announcing! The Journey Behind Zeni’s Rebrand

Jesse Boland
5 min read
Announcing! The Journey Behind Zeni’s Rebrand

Yesterday we launched Zeni’s new brand. This is a complete rebuild of the brand our founders, Swapnil and Snehal, started in 2019. Our vision is to help startup founders build a strong financial operations function. 

That vision is realized in the Zeni product, and now it’s infused throughout the brand. We’re honored to have the opportunity to guide and help founders build strong financial operations functions for their startups. 

The Zeni brand reflects the uniqueness and individuality of every startup’s journey. In the current startup environment, Zeni brings clarity and calm to the discussions and decisions startup founders make around their finances.

Why Is Now The Right Time To Rebrand? 

In the wild, Zeni’s new mark stands out. It is the visual representation of the values that guide how we work and our promise to our customers. 

Zeni is on a mission to help startup founders find confidence and clarity in their company finances. At the heart of our logo is the idea of balance. We found inspiration in Japanese dry gardens’  stacked stones and carefully composed sand to create a memorable mark that evokes a sense of calm.

Alongside the new logo, we’ve established a vibrant, mature color palette. No longer are our creatives constrained by black and white. 

Inspired By The Founder’s Journey

Every founder is on their own unique journey. Taking a spark of an idea to reality — the first sale, the first employee, the first investor, the first $1M of revenue. All of the firsts a startup goes through in its lifecycle.  

The heroes of Zeni’s story have a website reflective of their unique journey. In their stories, we can show how building a strong finance operations function helped them along their path

Building a new brand from the ground up is no small feat. I want to thank our small and mighty team: 

  • Kaitlin Sullivan (Brand Strategy & Identity) 
  • Swapnil Shinde (Founder/CEO)
  • Snehal Shinde (Founder/CTO)
  • Emilie Pires(Chief of Staff)
  • Bethany Mullinix (Content Marketing)
  • Jesse Boland (VP of Marketing)

Where Is This Going?

Zeni is building the future of startup finance operations. 

How startups approach their financial operations has changed from “growth at any cost” to “what does it cost to grow?” 

We created the platform to help startup founders proactively manage and understand their finances, ergo businesses. Zeni has done just that for over 350 startups and counting while managing more than $1 billion in finances every month

The Zeni platform automates all of your tedious and complex daily finance tasks. And behind a single login, we align all of your financial data in a robust yet simple to use platform. 

If you need to simplify and develop your startup’s finance muscle, we’d love to show you how we help companies rethink their financial operations.

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