Introducing Zeni’s Newest Insights: Spend and Income Trends

Emilie Pires
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Introducing Zeni’s Newest Insights: Spend and Income Trends

No more guessing where the money’s going. Spend Trend gives you complete, up-to-date clarity. 

So, you’re funded, growing, and moving towards the next round. But where’s all the money going? It’s a common dilemma for founders and knowing the answer can make or break you. Getting an answer can take months, eat up capital, and burn more of a founder’s precious time. 

But with Zeni’s new Spend Trend feature, you now get AI-compiled, real-time information on cashflow displayed at both a granular level and in a holistic view. It delivers insight into both spending and income so that you can track who’s getting (or paying) how much.

How Spend Trend works

Spend Trend automatically syncs with your existing accounting software, pulling transactions from all of your accounts and platforms, and categorizing them by vendor. Unlike traditional spending reports, that are manually generated and usually run monthly, Spend Trend reports are generated on a daily basis, taking the lag out of reporting and giving founders to-the-minute clarity into their finances.

Our AI generates easy-to-understand graphs and visual reports that break down spending to the day. Spend Trend also provides users with details and trends over time for a particular vendor, while Zeni Insights highlights key factors affecting changes in income and spending.

Because spending on major services, such as web hosting and digital advertising, can be variable month over month, we’ve made it easier than ever to know how much you’ve spent with a certain vendor at the click of a button. Want to find out how much you’re spending on Amazon Web Services or Google Ads? Just select a transaction -- or use the search bar at the top of your dashboard -- and you’ll see detailed data reflecting the most recent transactions available. You can view spending trends over a period of months, or click on a specific month to get a detailed analysis.

To protect you from overspending, we’re currently building an additional feature that will allow you to set spending limits specific to each vendor. When that service reaches a pre-set level of spending, you’ll receive an alert.

We’ve put the same AI-powered insights into our Income Trend feature. While Spend Trend gives you a slice-and-dice view into money going out of your coffers, the Income Trend feature delivers the same reports and insights to show you client-specific income history. This let’s you know which customers are the most profitable, whether income is trending up and down from a particular client, and where your energy should be directed.

Timely reporting creates clarity

Over the course of building out the Zeni platform, we’ve had the privilege of talking to a significant number of founders. We’ve found that many are looking for a way to quickly get vendor-specific spending and income information without having to contact accounting or bookkeeping. The problem was, that service didn’t exist anywhere—until now. Some services were only able to pull in transactions from ACH and banking accounts; others only able to log transactions from their own credit cards. Until we created Income and Spend Trend on the Zeni platform, there was no service that consolidated income and spend across all platforms, providing founders a holistic view of their full financial picture. 

Even for the most technologically savvy companies, spending and income reports are often manually generated at the month-end. But with costs accruing on a daily basis, you shouldn’t have to wonder how much you’re spending on a subscription or service. Knowing how your money is being spent means you can make more informed decisions and see what’s driving burn rate.

Zeni customer, Aditya Kothadiya, CEO & Co-founder of shared, “Variable spending on tools like cloud storage, web hosting, and digital advertising can add up quickly for us. Zeni’s vendor specific Spend Trend lets us monitor those costs daily, and gives us insight into how that spend is changing over time. That clarity and analysis has been invaluable to us.”

Up-to-date financial reports are also essential to convincing investors to provide additional capital. Spend Trend helps with this by allowing you to close your books earlier and generate month-end reports rapidly.

We built Spend Trend to give founders a clear, accurate picture of where their financials stand now, rather than a month ago. And because our mission is to support startup founders, we’ll keep building additional features for the Zeni dashboard that provide real-time access to key financial insights you can’t find anywhere else.

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