6 Best Receipt Apps For Startups

Mandi Rogers
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6 Best Receipt Apps For Startups

Managing receipts, invoices, and other financial transactions can become overwhelming for founders with small (or singular!)  finance teams. Without proper financial organization, receipts can get miscategorized, go unreported, or get lost altogether. Receipts are not only important for tax and revenue purposes, receipts demonstrate company spending in real-time. 

Founders and startup employees have busy schedules. Why not take advantage of finance applications that can save you hours of work? Take a look at our list of best receipt apps we think are worth a try.

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#6 Abukai

Teams under 10 people can benefit greatly from Abukai. Services from Abukai are limited, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good receipt tracking system. Abukai offers an alternative no-cost subscription that comes with 12 scans per year if you’re not looking to pay for a service just yet. Although Abukai is limited to scanning receipts and organizing transactions, the app is a great starting point for smaller teams.

Both paid plans are $99 per year, with a $49 one-time setup fee for the standard business plan. Their custom corporate plan, which includes all available features, is for companies that want an individualized plan for expense reporting. Price points for this plan are dependent on the company’s needs. 


  • Generates a report from scanned receipts that you can print or forward. 

  • Able to add multiple receipts at once

  • Compatible with paper and electronic receipts.

  • Multiple report options (EXLS, XLS, CSV, OFX, and LIS)


  • Requires manual entry of expenses without receipts 

  • Must manually make corrections 

  • Strictly for business expenses

  • No accounting software or bookkeeping options

#5 Rydoo

Rydoo is one of the best receipt apps available with a bit more added for its users than Abukai. Small finance teams or startups can get a lot out of this app without spending a big chunk of money. Their integration options are one of the reasons we put Rydoo on our best receipt scanner app list.

Rydoo’s base plan includes a ton of great features – mileage tracking, expense approval flow, and integration with popular accounting software like QuickBooks – all for $12 per person per month. You can also directly add company Uber and Lyft accounts to make travel transaction tracking hassle-free as well.

Upgrading to Rydoo’s Pro plan includes all the basic attributes plus per diems, project manager options, unlimited branches, and individualized spending regulations. Companies wanting to register two or more people for an account will need to subscribe to the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan offers all the features mentioned above, along with ERP integration and API access.


  • Organized and personalized dashboard

  • Milage, per diems, and expense trackers

  • An incentive for annual payments over monthly

  • Expense approval system 

  • Cloud-based


  • No reimbursement system for travel and employee expenses

  • Cannot use for bookkeeping or as an alternative to bookkeeping

  • No reimbursement feature

  • Inconsistent support response

#4 Certify

Receipt scanning apps have varied price points depending on what’s offered. All of Certify’s plans remain under $10 per user per month without sacrificing quality. It allows you to easily scan, upload and organize paper receipts and smart receipts for real-time reporting. You can upload receipts of different currencies without worrying about conversion issues too. 

Certify offers two payment options – per transaction pricing or per user – this feature benefits startups with a singular or small finance team. The organized dashboard and training videos are an added bonus to help users with limited financial backgrounds.


  • Autofill features

  • Easy to use 

  • Customizable

  • In-depth onboarding process

  • Accounting software integration 

  • Dependable OCR 

  • Cloud storage

  • 24/7 support center


  • Integration with software other than QuickBooks handled by Certify 

  • ACH reimbursement is an additional cost

#3 Expensify

When multiple employees submit receipts, mileage, or other financial documents it can get hectic trying to organize them all. According to the company website, Expensify says their software takes over 80% less time than traditional expense reporting. This receipt tracker organizes transactions submitted by employees and reports the documents to the assigned manager.

Expensify protects all financial information with security software in compliance with the Privacy Shield and General Data Protection standards. Pricing starts as low as $5 per user for companies or $4.99 for individuals. Founders can choose between two plans for company packages, Collect or Control. 


  • Easily connect banking and company accounts 

  • All plans include unlimited receipt scans 

  • Auto-generated next-day reimbursement and reporting

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Detailed report categorization and organization

  • Accounting software integration

  • Venmo compatible

  • Transaction split between employees available


  • No accounting features included

  • Month-to-month plans are twice as high as annual renewal

  • Extensive software learning curve

#2 QuickBooks Intuit*

Many startups we work with already use QuickBooks' accounting software. If you have a sturdy finance team (or team member) ready to get started, this may also be the best receipt app to keep track of receipts for your company’s finances. QuickBooks Intuit offers income tracking, invoice creation and management, bill management, 1099 management, and payroll. 

Managers can set multi-level security settings to limit specific access for employees depending on rank. All financial information is protected by high-scale firewalls and encryption used by top banks around the globe. The base package for $12.50 a month includes income, sales, and expense tracking, invoices, tax preparation, and P& L sheets for one user.


  • Payroll management

  • Real-time dashboard

  • Syncs to all company accounts

  • Variety of third-party app integration

  • Double-entry accounting


  • Expensive compared to competitors

  • Additional features cost more

  • Limited users per plan

  • High learning curve

#1 NeatFiles

We’ve named NeatFiles our number one receipt scanner for its price point and streamline features offered for one stagnant price. Users can choose to pay $30 a month or $300 annually to begin their subscription or take NeatFiles’ free trial as a test run. There isn’t a user limit either unlike other apps that require a per-seat monthly payment. 

Neatfiles’ mobile app organizes all financial information on an easy-to-navigate dashboard encrypted with high-level security. The interface allows users to see files in need of review before they’re put into a ‘virtual file cabinet’. Each document is saved on the cloud and can be emailed directly to your work or personal email. Files can be chosen manually or dragged and dropped over for simple transfer. 


  • Unlimited users

  • Flate rate, all-inclusive

  • Manual and digital uploads

  • Bank-level security

  • Customization

  • 24/7 support center

  • Item filters

  • Invoicing options

  • Financial reporting

  • Spending summary

  • Detailed reporting system

  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Incomplete bookkeeping

  • Double-sided scan can be glitchy

Receipt Apps and Bookkeeping

There are a ton of great receipt apps out there for startups. Being able to manage payroll, view current financial reports, or submit invoices all from your smartphone is a real-time saver, but what about the other aspects of bookkeeping? At Zeni, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate with third-party bookkeeping software using our AI-powered financial software. We pair you with a team of experts to work in tandem with our program in order to manage your company’s finances.

*Zeni is an Elite Partner with QuickBooks. All Zeni customers receive 50% off of their QuickBooks online subscription.

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