Zeni Secures Spot on 2022 CB Insights’ AI 100 List of Most Innovative AI Startups

Bethany Mullinix
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Zeni Secures Spot on 2022 CB Insights’ AI 100 List of Most Innovative AI Startups

We’re thrilled to announce that Zeni made it onto CB Insights’ AI 100, highlighting the most promising private artificial intelligence (AI) companies globally. There are more than 1,000 AI startups in the U.S. alone and over 7,000 that CB Insights considered for this list, so that’s saying a lot!

Gartner predicts AI software will reach $62 billion in 2022 alone, increasing 21.3% from 2021. It’s clear that AI is impacting so many industries at a time when startups are short on resources and high on risk, especially when it comes to the financial climate. Having a grasp and deep understanding of your business’ finances is more important than ever. 

While this is Zeni’s first time on the AI 100 list, we’re no novices to helping startups leverage AI, and our customers stick with us through every stage of growth for all of their bookkeeping needs. 

How Does Zeni’s AI Work and Why Does It Matter?

Zeni’s bookkeeping platform stands out by leveraging a seamless blend of AI and human experts to create an experience where founders can manage their financial operations in real-time. 

AI is the backbone of our product, but we believe in keeping human touch at the core. These two elements combined are the future of technology and will help startups overcome obstacles in AI adoption and combat the pending downturn in the market, including:

  • Access to real-time financial metrics
  • Understanding cash flow
  • AI-powered reporting on burn rate, runway & cash zero date
  • Interactive Spend and Income Trend reporting

How Zeni Uses AI To Tackle Startup Finances 

1. Automation Plus Human Finance Experts 

Typically, startups rely on a bookkeeper, accountant, or finance team to maintain their finances and complete simple tasks — data entry, transaction categorization, and attaching transaction documentation in your accounting software. 

This manual process can be painfully slow and often leads to errors and inconsistencies that leave founders in the dark for extended periods. Plus, the cost and time put behind the human error of simple tasks are expensive. Zeni’s AI completes the ‘busy work’ for our human experts, so zero time is lost on mundane tasks. 

2. Real-time Finances Save Time And Money

The combination of AI and human experts fuels Zeni’s daily bookkeeping capabilities in real-time so that your startup’s financial records stay up-to-date daily vs. only at the month’s end.

The Zeni Dashboard displays this real-time financial data in an intuitive, actionable way. For the first time, founders can see precisely how their startup’s financial operations are performing in real-time, access the transaction-level data supporting the high-level reports, and use this information to course-correct or better plan ahead.

This level of optimization streamlining also allows Zeni to offer exceptional service at an affordable price point, based on a company’s total monthly expenses. 

3. AI-Driven Insights And Planning 

It might be time to revisit your financial forecast or update your cash flow projections. Maybe you planned for aggressive growth but need to think now about preserving cash. 

The AI and machine learning we've built helps automate aspects of the accounting and bookkeeping functions into a central platform, and a 24/7 human finance expert reviews every line.

You can then use your personalized Zeni Dashboard or leverage your dedicated finance expert to analyze your position and determine your next move. Easily view burn rate, operating expenses, cash/card balance, revenue by product, month-end reports, cash in/cash out and more. 

Now startup founders have the power to manage their business finances and proactively define their financial futures no matter what is on the horizon economically.

Get On Board With Zeni

Zeni’s AI is powerful and landed us a spot on the CB Insights AI 100 for the first time this year. But with a full-service finance team of bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, tax advisors, and CFOs boasting 150+ years of collective experience behind it, the financial insights into your startup are unprecedented. 

We're all facing a bumpy financial road ahead, but we’ve helped hundreds of startups through every financial scenario imaginable — this market turn will not be an exception. 

Zeni AI-powered finance dashboard

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