Get an accurate view of your financials from one single dashboard, updated daily.
Keep an eye on our runway and your startup's overall financial health - anytime, anywhere.
Fully managed by your Zeni Finance Team, Bill Pay offers you AI-powered invoice processing and multi-level approval flows.
As a founder, you benefit from AI-Powered insights generated from billions of in-platform data points.
Know what happened today, what happened yesterday, and what happened on Friday of last week.
Real-time financial data is pure competitive advantage.
You're in complete control of how much investors see.
Real-time financial data is pure competitive advantage.

Need an integration? We got it.

Zeni integrates with finance stacks widely-used by startups. During onboarding, our team integrates all your software tools, banks and credits cards with the Zeni dashboard.
+ 9,000 more integrations...

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Discovery Call
We won't drive right into a sales pitch. Our experts will ask questions to understand your processes, finance stack and monthly expenses.
Product Demo
No painfully boring side decks. We'll answer your questions about product functionality, service-level, security and reporting.
Pricing Overview
Every startup is different. The beauty of Zeni is it adapts to your processes, expenses, finance stack and funding stage.